Vital EKO

Vital EKO

Grow your own protein
  • Maximum protein production per ha
  • Long life
  • Outstanding cattle health
  • Climate-resilient
  • Proven mix now also available as an EKO version
  • With NutriFibre® technology
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Do you want to be sure of maximum protein production from your own soil? If so, choose Vital EKO. The organic grass seed mixture that combines maximum crop yield with long life. Guaranteed thanks to the proven combination of the best soft-leaved tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and clover.

Grow maximum protein production per ha
Are you aiming for low forage purchases? Then Vital EKO is the solution you are looking for. This mixture with NutriFibre® technology will help you produce the maximum protein yield per hectare. The secret lies in the large proportion of the soft-leaved tall fescue variety Barolex, which is well known for its enormous protein production and outstanding forage value.

Trials performed by SEGES show that the crop's yield rises year after year! This is proof that the crop is persistent and resilient. In addition, the clover in Vital EKO ensures that the crop is even more productive and has a higher protein content, even with a lower nitrogen input.

Choose leys with a long life
When you invest in Vital EKO you enjoy outstanding leys for years. This is thanks to the persistent sward. With good management, a ley planted with Vital EKO will certainly last for five years.

Outstanding cattle health
The healthy structure-rich mixture keeps your cows healthy. Soft-leaved tall fescue stimulates rumen activity. This is necessary to maintain a good stomach function. Your cows remain healthy, resulting in outstanding milk production and fewer visits by the vet.

Vital EKO is resistant to the changing climate. With its long, deep root network it collects moisture deep down in the soil in extreme drought conditions. This means that the grass continues to grow for a longer time than standard leys. The early crop growth in the spring is also a result of the long roots of tall fescue. With Vital EKO you are guaranteed a good first cut.

Proven results with EKO
Vital EKO consists of 100% organic seed. During the cultivation of the grass seeds, the varieties have shown that they are largely resistant to diseases such as rust.

NutriFibre® technology
Vital EKO is enriched with the NutriFibre® grass technology. This grass technology, developed through Barenbrug’s international breeding programme, combines mineral and water efficiency, high protein production and leaves rich in structure and energy. Most of these characteristics are a result of the large and robust root network.



NutriFibre® is an innovative grass technology based on soft-leaf tall fescue, developed in Barenbrug’s international breeding program. NutriFibre® has a nutritious, fibre-rich leaf with a strong, extensive root system. As a result, the grass efficiently deals with minerals, and is climate-resistant and rich in fibre. Click here for more information about Nutrifibre®.

GreenEarth for sustainable dairy farming
With Vital EKO sustainable food production becomes a little easier. That is why Vital EKO has the GreenEarth-label. To get this label a product must fulfil several conditions. Vital EKO has the GreenEarth-label because of the following reasons:

  • Vital EKO has an efficient use of minerals and water.
  • Vital EKO produces the highest protein of all grasses. As a result less concentrates are necessary. 
  • Vital EKO increases lifetime production.
  • Vital EKO increases soil fertility.


Quantity Variety Species
70% Barolex Soft-leaved tall fescue
15% Briant Perennial ryegrass tetraploid
10% Spurt Red clover
5% Alice White clover
Sowing rate (seeding) 50 kg/ha
Sowing depth 15 - 35 kg/ha
Sowing period Mid-April - mid-September
Dry matter yield with grazing 5
Spring yield 5
Drought tolerant 5
Standability 4
Feed value 3
Suitable for cold and wet soils 5
Dry matter yield with cutting 5
Crown rust tolerence 4
Hardy 5
Palatability 3
Structure 5