Our people make the difference

'Dad always put people first.                       People make the difference.’

Bastiaan and Frank Barenbrug

Our people make the difference

In our  global company, our people in every role, on every location, are the cornerstone of our success. It is their passion, dedication, and unique talents that set us apart from the competition. We empower our global family to foster a sense of belonging, collaboration, and mutual growth, enhancing the Barenbrug’s relevance and impact on a global scale.

We invest in education and skill development to ensure our employees are knowledgeable and efficient, leading to innovative solution and quality in grass seed production. We create an inclusive and supportive work environment where diverse perspectives are valued and creativity and problem-solving is encouraged.

We want our employees to feel safe to mistakes as we see mistakes as learning opportunities that encourage continuous improvement and development of people.

We provide career paths and growth opportunities to grow talent and foster loyalty and dedication among employees.

Our people

Board of Directors 


Group CEO

John Thijssen


Group CCO

André Brand


Group CFO

Marjolein Willeboordse


Group CCO

Martin Bijl