Root to success
  • Special mixture based on the NutriFibre® technology
  • Massive forage, energy and protein for more milk
  • Rich in effective fibre for healthy cattle
  • Up to 30 % more yield than regular grasslands
  • Efficient utilisation of soil nutrients
  • Deep rooting gives excellent drought resistence
NutriFibre Vital

A must-have for every livestock farmer
The grass seed mixture Vital has so many benefits that it is an absolute must-have for every dairy farmer. Vital with NutriFibre® technology uses minerals very efficiently and produces 30% more grass with excellent nutritional value. Thanks to its long root system, it is excellent at withstanding extreme drought or wet weather conditions. Additionally, it is a crop rich in structure that cows must chew well. The extra saliva production prevents rumen acidosis.

Vital with NutriFibre® technology is grass with a strong, impressive root system and nutritious, protein rich leaves. Vital offers an advantage regarding the four points outlined below on the grasses traditionally grown by dairy farmers.


Grass seed mixes with NutriFibre® provide today’s farmers with optimal roughage. NutriFibre® technology offers farmers a solution for their farm management under a wide variety of conditions. A huge number of dairy farmers in Europe have already chosen the benefits of NutriFibre® and feed their cattle this grass to complete satisfaction.


NutriFibre® is the new grass technology for silage.
The foundation of NutriFibre® is soft-leaf tall fescue, a development stemming from the Royal Barenbrug Group’s international breeding programme ‘Grass for highly productive dairy cattle’. NutriFibre® technology combines mineral efficiency, high protein production, digestible, effective fibre-rich cell walls and rooting intensity. The interaction of these individual properties has a mutually enhancing effect that results in exceptionally high quality silage. This gives the specific combination a value worth more than the sum of its parts. The new grass technology based on soft-leaf tall fescue has been extensively trialled in a diverse range of conditions, soil types and different farm management systems.

More information about NutriFibre® and sowing instructions.

Versions of Vital:

  • Vital EKO - When you prefer organic seeds.
  • Vital White - With white clover.
  • Vital Duet - With both red and white clover.



Quantity Species
85% Soft-leaved tall fescue
15% Perennial ryegrass
Sowing rate 50 kg/ha
Sowing depth 1.0 - 1.5 cm
Dry matter yield with grazing 1
Spring yield 5
Drought tolerant 5
Standability 4
Feed value 3
Suitable for cold and wet soils 5
Dry matter yield with cutting 5
Crown rust tolerence 4
Hardy 5
Palatability 3
Structure 5