Topgraze EKO

Topgraze EKO

All-round grass for the organic livestock farmer
  • Organic
  • Minimal weed pressure through dense sward
  • Palatable grass for excellent intake
  • Easy forage management
  • Better yield and flavour together with clover
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As an organic farmer, you want an organic grass seed mixture that produces palatable grass for your livestock without artificial fertiliser or pesticides. To meet this requirement, Barenbrug has developed the Topgraze EKO mixture. This mixture satisfies the applicable EU organic legislation and regulations and bears the SKAL quality mark.

Minimal weed pressure through dense sward
One of the pillars of the Topgraze EKO mixture is that it forms a dense and robust sward. This helps prevent weeds from establishing in the meadow. If you want to graze your animals as much as possible throughout the season, a strong sward with maximum persistency is essential. The strong sward is formed by specially selected diploid perennial ryegrasses.

Palatable grass for excellent intake
The name Topgraze EKO speaks for itself. The mixture produces palatable grass all year that your livestock will take in well. The good flavour comes in part from the timothy grass as well as the above-average crown rust-resistance of the tetraploid perennial ryegrass. Eliminating this fungal disease means the grass is palatable for your dairy herd even in autumn.

Easy forage management
Topgraze EKO is an all-round grass seed mixture. This means you can use the meadow flexibly for both grazing and cutting. The optimal ratio between diploid and tetraploid varieties, gives you the security of maximum forage production. The diploid varieties provide good ground coverage and the tetraploid varieties give high production. That means the maximum harvest from your land, even in dry summers.

Better yield and flavour together with clover
Topgraze EKO is excellent in combination with the organic white clover Alice EKO. The clover fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere and makes it available to the grass through the roots. This increases the dry matter per hectare. With clover, you also improve palatability and stimulate more biodiversity. You can add more Alice EKO with Topgraze EKO as desired.

The composition of Topgraze EKO is subject to availability.


Quantity Species
55% Perennial ryegrass tetraploid
35% Perennial ryegrass diploid
10% White clover
Sowing rate (seeding) 50 kg/ha
Sowing rate (overseeding) 15-35 kg/ha
Packaging 15 kg
Dry matter yield with grazing 4
Spring yield 3
Drought tolerant 3
Standability 5
Feed value 5
Suitable for cold and wet soils 3
Dry matter yield with cutting 4
Crown rust tolerence 4
Hardy 5
Palatability 5
Structure 2