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Resilient Blue® Grass Technology

Be prepared for extremes! The climate is changing worldwide. Extremes are becoming the new standard. We see heavy downpours, sweltering heat and very dry summers. As a turf professional, you are more frequently under pressure. Do I have to irrigate and how much? Has my fertiliser been leached out? Can I cut the grass when it is so wet? But there is no reason for stress! There is a new grass technology that can handle these extremes resiliently, Resilient Blue! It will take the punches of extreme stress and fights back!

Resilient Blue comprises grasses that excel in resilience. Specially developed resilient Kentucky bluegrass (resilient smooth-stalked meadow grass) plants form the foundation of the mix. Resilient Blue technology forms a resilient foundation that will ensure that the turf is prepared for extremes in the future!