Pasture 365


Fresh grass for your cows all year round thanks to an extended growing season 

That is the philosophy at the foundation of the new grass seed mixture Pasture 365®. Pasture 356® offers you maximum yields and stable grass growth from early spring to late autumn. Pasture 365® is the easy way to maximise the potential of your forage.


High Harvest Reliability for Dry Summers 
Thanks to its early start in spring and high yields, you can harvest three full cuts of grass (grazing and mowing) before the dry summer season begins. Pasture 365 ensures a sufficient supply of roughage, as the grass continues to grow well into late autumn.

Grazing and Feeding in the Barn; an Ideal Combination
Pasture 365 is perfect for dairy farmers who want to maximize the use of fresh grass. Should you opt for grazing or barn feeding? A combination of both is recommended. The choice depends on factors such as weather and soil conditions. With Pasture 365, both options are highly feasible.

Year-Round Grazing 
Pasture 365 makes it easier to extend grazing periods throughout the year. At both the beginning and end of the grass season, you can allow cows to graze on high-quality grass. Pasture 365 is characterized by a high sward density and an intensive root structure. This ensures that soil bearing capacity is not a limiting factor for grazing during early spring or late autumn.