Kombi EKO

Kombi EKO

Flexibility in your forage management
  • Flexibility
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Resistant to intensive trampling
  • Grow your own protein
  • Good uptake from highly palatable forage
  • Tried-and-tested mixture now also available as Eco
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The all-round mixture Kombi EKO gives you flexibility on several fronts. You can postpone the time of cutting without any problem, if the weather fails to cooperate. This advantage is achieved thanks to the broad composition and different flowering times. The mixture is suitable for the production of protein-rich forage, but is also outstandingly well suited to a grazing system. It thrives in all soil types and easily copes with the limitations in wetter soils.

Choose flexibility in time of cutting
Do you want more flexibility in your cutting strategy? Then Kombi EKO will fit in with your planning. Described by many as the organic mixture with the broadest usability. Whether you choose cutting or grazing, you will always succeed with Kombi EKO. The flexibility of Kombi EKO is due to its well considered and broad composition.

Suitable for all soil types
Your soil type is a secondary consideration when you use Kombi EKO. The mixture performs well in all soil types. It is particularly ideal for cattle on heavier and wetter soil types. Many standard mixtures fail in these difficult soils.

Resistant to intensive trampling
Kombi EKO’s strength and dense turf can tolerate a little of everything. You don’t need to worry about a damaged sward that has been intensively trampled. A further advantage of the dense turf is that it is more difficult for weeds to become established.

Grow your own protein
Buying in protein is expensive. By producing your own protein you can keep the price of your milk down. The perennial ryegrass variety Briant is known for its outstanding protein content. The mixture’s clover gives protein production an extra boost.

Good uptake from highly palatable forage 
The combination of timothy and white clover improves the palatability of the mixture, resulting in outstanding uptake. Especially in grazing, the highly palatable mixture will be your dairy cattle’s favourite.

Proven results with Eco
Kombi EKO consists of 100% organic seed. The robust varieties are largely immune to diseases such as stem rust, and have previously more than proven their worth in organic production systems.


Quantity Species
35% Perennial ryegrass tetraploid
20% Perennial ryegrass diploid
15% Meadow Fescue
15% Timothy
15% White clover
Sowing rate (seeding) 50 kg/ha
Sowing depth 0,5-1 cm
Sowing period mid April - September
Sowing rate (seeding) WEG
Dry matter yield with grazing 4
Spring yield 3
Drought tolerant 2
Standability 5
Feed value 4
Suitable for cold and wet soils 5
Dry matter yield with cutting 4
Crown rust tolerence 5
Hardy 5
Palatability 4
Structure 4