Delicious fresh grass from pasture
  • Gives the highest milk production from fresh grass
  • Late heading varieties for the best grass quality
  • Highest disease resistance for maximal intake
  • Fast regrowth, production peak within 3 weeks
  • Long and stable growth curve and grass supply
  • Forms a dense and persistent sward
packshot dairy

TopGraze is your way to achieving the highest milk production from fresh grass. As a mixture with a high percentage of tetraploid varieties there is an excellent disease resistance. This makes the grass more palatable which will increase the intake of the grass by your cows. This increased intake will make your cows produce milk with higher milk proteins. With the fast regrowth and stable grass supply TopGraze is your way to a dense and persistent sward!


Quantity Species
20% Perennial ryegrass diploid late
55% Perennial ryegrass tetraploid late
25% Meadow Fescue
Sowing rate (seeding) 35-40 kg/ha
Sowing depth 1 - 1,5 cm
Packaging 15 kg bags
Sowing rate (seeding) soft-leaf tall fescue: 60 kg / ha. Perennial ryegrass: 45 kg / ha
Dry matter yield with grazing 5
Spring yield 3
Drought tolerant 3
Standability 4
Feed value 5
Suitable for cold and wet soils 3
Dry matter yield with cutting 3
Crown rust tolerence 5
Hardy 4
Palatability 5
Structure 3