Norwegian farmers win roughage competition 2023

Norwegian dairy farmers win national forage competition with NutriFibre

Thanks to the superior qualities of NutriFibre grassland, dairy farmers Ingrid Holm and Tore Kristensen from Trøndelag (Norway) have won the Forage Competition 2023. Their impressively high yield figures in relation to fertilization highlight the characteristics of NutriFibre.

The season was challenging due to high rainfall in Norway, but the participants in the forage competition showed excellent yields. The dry matter yield per hectare was very competitive among the top three participants. However, the jury declared Holm and Kristensen the ultimate winners, partly thanks to the excellent digestibility and high protein content of their NutriFibre crop.

The organization of the Forage Competition is a collaboration between Yara, Nibio, the Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Council, and the magazine Norsk Agriculture. The goal of the organization is to highlight the importance of good agronomy to produce quality grass crops. In 2023, the competition was organized for the fourth time.