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The effective fibre leaves of NutriFibre® stimulate rumination activity in cows. Rumination is indispensable to healthy rumen activity. Healthy cows produce more milk.

Rumen acidosis occurs at many dairy farms and often goes unnoticed. It mostly affects highly productive dairy cattle that is given too much high energy feed (sugars and starches). Rumen acidosis leads to disappointing milk production, milk with a lower protein and fat content and health issues such as low fertility and hoof problems. This, in turn, results in extra costs from €200 to €400 per cow. (Source: University Monitoba, Canada.)

The effective fibre is in the leaf
Because NutriFibre®’s effective fibre is in its leaves, this grass does notdepend on flowering for high fibre content. NutriFibre® can be harvested before flowering, maintaining its effective fibre. After flowering, feed value decreases in all grasses.

Rumen fistulated cattle research
Joint research by Nutreco and Barenbrug compared the rumination activity of rumen fistulated cows after consuming various varieties of grass. The research showed that with NutriFibre® rumination increases, compared to varieties of grass low in cell walls such as Italian and perennial ryegrass.

High digestibility from cell walls
With NutriFibre®, cows get a large part of the energy from the cell walls because NutriFibre®’s cell wall composition is more easily digestible than that of other grasses (figure). Cell walls can be built from three different components:

  • Lignin = indigestible wood dust without feed value.
  • Cellulose = dairy cows only digest one-third of the cellulose.
  • Hemicellulose = breaks down in eight hours enabling cows to digest it completely.

NutriFibre®’s cell walls consist mostly of hemicellulose. This explains the high feed value in combination with effective fibre. All other effective fibre products such as heading grass have a lower digestible hemicellulose rate, causing a large part of the feed to fail to convert into milk.

graph effective fibre edit
Difference between species in digestibility of cell walls and stimulation of rumen activity

What is rumen acidosis?
During the fermentation of the feed that cows eat, fatty acids are released. Fatty acids cause a (temporary) decrease in rumen pH (acidity). The pH will restore itself once the fatty acids have been absorbed by the rumen wall. When cows eat too many fast degradable carbohydrates (sugars and starch), too many fatty acids are released, causing the rumen to malfunction. This is easily prevented by increasing the effective fibre in the feed ration to stimulate rumination. This intensive rumination increases the production of saliva, enabling the cows to produce bicarbonate themselves. This bicarbonate has a buffering effect in the rumen, preventing the fatty acids from lowering the pH too much. In this way effective fibre enhances rumen activity, thereby preventing rumen acidosis.

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NutriFibre Crop Management Manual
This NutriFibre® crop management manual provides you with the necessary information to get the most out of your NutriFibre® grass.




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