Lolium Perenne


Diploïd with outstanding yield
  • Diploïd
  • Good ground cover
  • Dual purpose
Lolium Perenne

Diploïd with outstanding yield
Moira is an extremely high yielding variety which is listed in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain. The variety was produced by AFBI. Barenbrug commercialised this variety due to the collaboration with AFBI. Moira shows the highest yield overall with a outstanding spring yield.

Good ground cover
Diploïd varieties show a higher groundcover than tetraploid variety. Moira is a diploid variety with a good ground cover compared to other diploid varieties. This means that the variety has a high sod density.

Dual purpose
In Northern Ireland, varieties are tested in different management systems to simulate grazing and cutting systems. Moira performs in both systems very well and shows a high persistence which makes this a dual purpose variety.

Moira tabel
Ploidy Diploid