Lolium Perenne


Highest quality grazing type
  • Diploid.
  • Late heading perennial ryegrass.
  • Extends your grazing season
  • Very late heading with exceptional spring growth.
  • Outstanding digestibility.
  • Officially listed in the Netherlands and France.
  • Officially listed in: Ireland, Great Britain.
Lolium Perenne

Extends your grazing season
Drumbo is a unique late diploid variety, because it combines early spring growth with high autumn yield.In this way the growing season is extended. Drumbo allows you more grazing days per year, which improves farm profitability.

Very late heading with exceptional spring growth
This Barenbrug/AFBI-variety is one of the latest heading varieties available. In its class Drumbo is outperforming all others with its exceptional spring growth (see table).This combination will bring you plenty valuable springgrass with high quality throughout the season.

Outstanding digestibility
Drumbo is a leading variety in dry matter digestibility (DMD). This is an essential feature for successful grazing in the future. Together with its late heading a high palatability and thus grass intake is ensured. This makes Drumbo the best choice to obtain maximum milk from grass.

Ploidy Tetraploid