balansa clover

Bolta - Balansa clover

Excellent feed quality
  • Balansa clover.
  • Superior late spring growth.
  • Highly tolerant to diseases.
  • Tolerates waterlogging and mild soil salinity.
  • Well suited to high productive ryegrass mixtures.
  • High quality forage.
balansa clover

This temperate legume, mainly used in Southern areas, is the earliest heading species amongst the annual legumes. This means it produces high forage yield, especially in winter. The semi-erect growing plants produce a good ground cover and can be used for both grazing as cutting systems. Balansa clover is adapted to light acid to neutral soils and is hard seeded. Depending on flowering its self-regeneration potential is very high.

Bolta characteristics
Rainfall required: 550mm+
pH-range (CaCl2): 4,6 – 8,0
Flowering: Late
Self-regeneration: Excellent
Growth habit: Semi-erect
Establishment: Good
Application: Silage, intensive grazing
Sowing rate: 1-5 kg/ha, in mix with grasses and legumes

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