head grass varieties westerwolds


Palatable grass!
  • Tetraploid Westerwold ryegrass
  • Excellent dry matter yields
  • Good resistance to Xanthomonas
  • Excellent performance in Scandinavia and in Italy
  • Officially listed in: Germany, Luxemburg

Barsutra is a new tetraploid variety of Westerwolds ryegrass which stands for high yields of palatable forage. Barsutra can be used as a main crop and as a stubble crop. Barsutra is a leafiness, broad leaved variety with a significantly higher dry matter content in the plant, providing very high dry matter yields per hectare. Barsutra can be used for making silage or making hay. In both situations Barsutra will give a very palatable product resulting in high dry matter intake by animals.

The main features of Barsutra are:

  • Fast establishment after sowing and dense growth.
  • Excellent dry matter yield at first cut
  • High nutritious value in dry matter (energy and protein content)
  • Good frost resistance.
  • Very good disease resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to lodging
  • Barsutra showed an excellent performance in the regional trials conducted by CRPA in Reggio Emila. 
Ploidy Tetraploid