Lolium Perenne


Rising star in multi-purpose
  • Diploid
  • Late heading perennial ryegrass
  • Excellent performance in both grazing- and cutting systems.
  • High disease resistance.
  • Outstanding persistency.
  • Officially listed in: Germany, The Netherlands.
Lolium Perenne

Excellent performance in both grazing- and cutting systems
Barimero is a late heading diploid variety launched by Barenbrug in 2013. It has been listed in Germany and The Netherlands as the leading variety in its segment. Barimero’s outstanding yield in both spring and total season, is its main striking feature. This has been proven in official grazing- and cutting trials, as can be seen from the tables below.

High disease resistance
Barenbrug’s breeding programme has been focusing on a high disease resistance, as this aspect refers to high quality and palatability for animals. Barimero shows an excellent crown rust resistance, with the highest scores in official trials in Western Europe. This ensures fresh grass and silage with the best quality for high productive animals.

Outstanding persistency
Winterhardiness, sward density and adaptation to different farming systems is the basis for a long term survival of a grass variety. These three characteristics have been combined in this Barenbrug variety. Including Barimero in your grass mixtures guarantees a persistent and productive pasture.

Barimero 1
Barimero 2


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