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The mastery of perfection!
  • Very late tall fescue.
  • No. 1 variety for palatability.
  • Excellent dry matter production.
  • Officialy listed in: France, Croatia, Macedonia.
Tall Fescue

Bariane is a new released variety of Tall fescue setting new standards for palatability due to the combination of very late heading and soft leaves.

Very late heading
Traditionally, Tall fescue shows an early growth followed by early heading. Compared with other Tall fescue varieties Bariane guarantees you an extended leaf production due to its very late heading. In fact, Bariane is the latest heading variety on the French recommended variety list.

No. 1 variety for palatability
Bariane obtained the highest note for palatability superior to Barcel, the all-time reference variety on the French recommended list. This is due to the combination of very soft and especially fine leaves, high rust resistance and very late heading. Bariane is considered to be a real grazing type tall fescue.

Excellent dry matter production
Bariane has an annual dry matter production similar to Barcel, but differs in a better  summer and autumn production. Bariane has an excellent production performance under extreme climatic conditions. A tall fescue for cold areas.


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