Lolium Perenne


Number 1 grazing variety
  • Diploid
  • Late heading perennial ryegrass
  • Number 1 in winterhardiness.
  • Outstanding yield.
  • Officially listed in: The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.
Lolium Perenne

Tetraploid with wide leaves
Barganza is the number 1 grazing variety which is listed in the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. This tetraploid late variety has wide leaves what makes this variety very tasteful for the cow.

Number 1 in winterhardiness
This variety shows a very good winterhardiness. It is even the most winterhard variety in the tetraploid late group in the Netherlands. This makes Barganza suitable to use in parts of Europe where the winters are tough.

Outstanding yield
As a farmers, you want to get the most out of your fields. Barganza has a extremely high yield in all systems. It combines a good overall yield with a very high spring growth. High spring growth together with high yield in grazing trials makes Barganza the perfect variety in a grazing system.
Spring growth combined with a high yield

Barganza is officially listed in: The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.
High scores indicate a favourable rating of the relevant characteristics

Barganza tabel
Ploidy Tetraploid