Hybrid ryegrass


Tetraploid with perennial characteristics
  • Tetraploid
  • Number 1 digestible value
  • Healthy crop
Hybrid ryegrass

Tetraploid with perennial characteristics
Bannfoot is a hybrid ryegrass which is listed since 2018 in the Irish Republic and Great Britain. This new variety is a result from the breeding station AFBI in Loughgall. This grass is a crossbreed with mostly perennial characteristics.

Number 1 digestible value
Tetraploïds have normally a higher digestibility than diploïds. That is clearly visible on the recommended list of hybrid ryegrass varieties in Great Britain. Bannfoot has the highest digesitiblity of all hybrid ryegrassses on the list!

Healthy crop
A high yield with a high digesitiblity is only worthful when the plant is healthy. When we have a look at the health profile from Bannfoot, we see great results. The list shows a really good score for mildew resistance and a great score for resistance against the mosaic virus.


Bannfoot table



Ploidy Tetraploid