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The 6 proven benefits of Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® guarantees successful cultivation by combining the various benefits. The benefits are listed below. 

1. Higher bacteria activity in the soil

Rhizobium bacteria occur naturally in small quantities in the soil. But not all parts of the soil contain enough active bacteria or the right strain of Rhizobium bacteria to ensure good nitrogen fixation. Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® guarantees a high concentration of active Rhizobium bacteria on the roots of your crop. This ensures optimal initial establishment and growth, and the most effective nitrogen fixation. 

2. Longer shelf life

The Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® formula gives bacteria the best chance of survival. This is not an effect that can be taken for granted. No other coating can achieve the same extended active life of the Rhizobium bacteria. The success of Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is due in part to the coating completely covering the seed. In addition, the nutrients contained in the Barenbrug glue positively contribute to the active life of the Rhizobium bacteria. 

3. Improved crop establishment

Yellow Jacket_difference_in_germination_and_establishment

Seeds coated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® are heavier. This improves the soil contact after seeding. In addition, Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator ® attracts and retains moisture. This promotes better germination and establishment. Crops that are well established form the foundation for a multi-year, rich harvest with a high protein and dry matter content. Studies performed by Barenbrug Research demonstrate that seeds treated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® have a head start in terms of establishment and ground cover compared with untreated or on-farm treated seeds. 

4. Optimal nutrition

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® contains essential nutrients and trace elements  that provide the young plants with all the necessary nutrients and boost the effect of the Rhizobium bacteria.

5. Higher yields for longer

Yellow Jacket_Difference_in_dry_matter_yield_at_the_first_cut

Choosing seed treated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is your guarantee of a higher dry matter yield in your forage for several years. This enables you to produce on average more milk per hectare.

6. Convenience

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is a ready-to-use product, saving you time and effort. The Rhizobium bacteria are distributed more uniformly around the seed than with manual mixing methods. The Yellow Jacket coating makes the seeds a little heavier so they are easier to sow. In addition, seeds treated with Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® are dust-free.