Maximal fixation of nitrogen
  • Balansa clover, a species known for its high production, especially in wet conditions (autumn/winter) combined with outstanding feed value
  • Persian clover, especially suitable for dry conditions and known for its ability as the best clover to fix nitrogen
  • Berseem clover, a productive clover that increases the success of spring sowing
  • Crimson clover, an all-round crop that thrives on a variety of soils

Mix clover with the grass of your own choice
Would you like to make the decisions about the grass legumes mixture you are going to sown? In that way ProtaFix clover mixture offers that versatility because it can be mixed with a grass seed mixture of your choice. For example: do you have a field planted in rotation with maize or other arable crops? Then a combination with an annual grass mixture is a good choice. Besides ProtaFix is excellent cover crop after cereals or alfalfa. Even for permanet grassland provides ProtaFix extra nitrogen to get the crop off to a good start and extra forage in the first cut. ProtaFix is versatile throughout the entire year. 

Do you want to continue to benefit from the advantages of clover? For grassland for grazing choose the Quartet white clover mixture and for cutting choose the Duet red and white clover mixture.

Improve soil structure and fertility
Clover roots loosen and aerate the soil. This creates better conditions for good soil life which in turn improves soil fertility. If you sow ProtaFix with temporary grass as a catch crop, the following crop will benefit from residual nitrogen.

Nitrogen fixed from the air
Clover can fix nitrogen from the air. Sowing ProtaFix means you will require less artificial nitrogen fertiliser for a higher dry matter yield as the crop utilises the nitrogen supplied by ProtaFix.

Sowing rate (add to grass mixture) 10 - 15 kg/ha
Sowing period April - half September
Sowing depth 0.5 - 1 cm
Sowing depth WEG
Sowing rate (overseeding) WEG
Nitrogen binding 5
Persistence 2
Competitiveness (aggressive) 4
Winter hardiness 2
Dry matter yield 4
Hardy 3
Standability 4
Palatability 4
Feed value 5
Structure 2
Suitable for cold and wet soils 3