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Massive yield and soil improvement
  • Gives your forage position a significant boost
  • Flexibility in your crop rotation
  • Steadfast and easily accessible
Packshot Tornado

Give your forage position a significant boost
Tornado provides an enormous amount of excellent forage in a short period of time, making it ideal for giving your forage position a significant boost. Additionally, Tornado improves your soil, making it an ideal choice as a cover crop. This way, you achieve two benefits at once: extra forage and improved soil fertility.

Flexibility in your crop rotation
By sowing Tornado after corn harvest, you can delay the decision on what to do with the field until spring. You can either use it for corn cultivation or keep it for forage production. This provides flexibility in your crop rotation.

Better than single Italian ryegrass
Often, single Italian ryegrass is chosen for sowing as a grass cover crop or to quickly produce forage. However, the quality and purity of these varieties often leave too much to be desired. Research station ILVO from Belgium has shown through multi-year research that there is a significant difference in quality among Italian ryegrass varieties. Tornado is a blend of the best varieties on ILVO's variety list. These combine excellent above-ground production and crown rust resistance with maximum feed value.

Steadfast and easily accessible
Tornado also distinguishes itself from standard Italian ryegrass by having higher persistence. The crop is more steadfast, making it easier to access and harvest a cleaner crop. Combined with its short pre-drying time, this ensures a fresh silage with a low proportion of crude ash. Tornado is also well-suited for summer feeding.

Increases organic matter content in your soil
The extensive root system of Tornado increases organic matter in the soil. By choosing Tornado, you are investing in the soil, which will benefit your subsequent crops.

Save on fertilizer or increase yield
Looking to save on fertilizer without compromising on quality and yield? Combine Tornado with the multi-year clover mixture Duet. Duet is a blend of white and red clover and can fix up to 350 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare from the atmosphere. You can also choose to use the clover mixture to increase yield under a normal fertilization regime. By using the one-year clover mixture ProtaFix, you stimulate a good start, resulting in extra yield.


Quantity Species
50% Italian ryegrass tetraploid
30% Italian ryegrass diploid
20% crossbred ryegrass
Sowing period February - November
Sowing depth 1-2 cm
Sowing density per m² 50 kg
Sowing rate (seeding) soft-leaf tall fescue: 60 kg / ha. Perennial ryegrass: 45 kg / ha
Dry matter yield with grazing 1
Spring yield 5
Drought tolerant 2
Standability 2
Feed value 5
Suitable for cold and wet soils 2
Dry matter yield with cutting 5
Crown rust tolerence 4
Hardy 1
Palatability 5
Structure 1