More protein with less input
  • The highest grass yields
  • The benefits of nitrogen
  • Drought resistant
  • Species and benefits
  • Application instructions
  • GreenEarth for sustainable dairy farming
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More protein with less input
Your cows need high-quality protein to produce milk efficiently. Protein from concentrates is very expensive and, moreover, not sustainable. With ProtaPlus, you can effortlessly increase the protein yield from your own land by 30% (Figure 1) in a short period.

The highest grass yields
If your climate is not suitable for perennial grass, or if another crop has been harvested or perhaps failed, ProtaPlus is the perfect solution for you. Each cut yields 10% (Figure 2) more dry matter than any other annual grass.

The benefits of nitrogen
The success of ProtaPlus lies in the combination of the best annual grass varieties and the fastest growing clovers. Clover absorbs nitrogen from the air, which has the following three advantages.

1. Less nitrogen fertilization needed

2. Increased protein production

3. Improved soil for the next crop

Drought resistant
Another advantage of clover is its deep taproot. This root extracts moisture and nutrients from deeper layers of the soil. It also loosens the soil. The grasses and your next crops also benefit from this. It makes your soil more resistant to drought and extreme rain.

figure 1 Feed vlaue from silage
Figure 2 Dry matter yield

Species and benefits
ProtaPlus is a high-quality mixture containing top varieties of annual ryegrasses combined with annual clovers like Persian-, Crimson- and Berseem clover. The exact composition is based on the specific area and management system. ProtaPlus is designed by Barenbrug Research after internal trials and tested in practice in many different regions. Click here for more information about the species and benefits.

Application instructions
ProtaPlus is a product for short-term forage production (6-12 months). It can be used as an intercrop between arable crops like corn, cereals or cotton. ProtaPlus can be harvested 2-3 times and used as silage, hay or as fresh feed, which is directly fed to animals. Grazing is also possible, as long as rotational- or strip-grazing is applied. Click here for the full application instruction of Protaplus.

GreenEarth for sustainable dairy farming
With ProtaPlus sustainable food production becomes a little easier. That is why ProtaPlus has the GreenEarth-label. To get this label a product must fulfil several conditions. ProtaPlus has the GreenEarth-label because of the following reasons:

  • ProtaPlus produces a lot of protein. As a result, less concentrates are necessary. 
  • ProtaPlus reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • ProtaPlus improves soil fertility.




Sowing rate 30-40 kg/ha
Sowing depth 0.5 - 1.0 cm
Packaging 15 or 25 kg bags
Sowing rate (seeding) 0
Dry matter yield with grazing 1
Spring yield 4
Drought tolerant 4
Standability 2
Feed value 5
Suitable for cold and wet soils 3
Dry matter yield with cutting 5
Crown rust tolerence 4
Hardy 3
Palatability 5
Structure 3