More protein with less input ProtaPlus

High feed value

The concentrate prices are sky-high at the moment. Prices of cereals and soybean meal have increased over 150% the last years and they aren’t likely to drop. Especially for farms which are feeding a lot of corn silage, the additional protein purchases is a huge cost factor. Feeding more high quality grass silage is one part of the solution, but more can be done.


This situation made Barenbrug think of other solutions to get more own-grown protein sources. Legumes could play an important role in this, as they are a natural nitrogen supplier. Especially fast-growing annual clover can play a role in this for farms who are growing winter forage crops. These legumes can provide a lot of nitrogen to the crop and more important: protein to the silage. However, the technology of using grasses and clovers in the optimal combination isn’t always easy. Therefore Barenbrug has tested a lot of different combinations and mixtures of grass and legumes in different areas leading to ProtaPlus.

Feed analysis from the silage proved that the feed value and especially digestible protein increases substantial. Silage from ProtaPlus compared to pure ryegrass:

               + 5 – 15% Energy (MJ ME)

               + 30 – 50% digestible protein

From one hectare this extra protein equals 700-800 kg soybean meal. With the current feed prices this means an extra value of € 300,-/ha by using ProtaPlus.