Pasture 365

Pasture 365®

Feed fresh grass all year round
  • Extend your grazing season
  • Barn-feeding is the new trend
  • No silage losses or costs
  • Makes farming easier
  • Success thanks to the best varieties
Pasture 365®

Fresh grass for your cows all year round. That is the philosophy at the foundation of the new grass seed mixture Pasture 365®. Pasture 356® offers you maximum yields and stable grass growth from early spring to late autumn. Pasture 365® is the easy way to maximise the potential of your forage.

Extend your grazing season
Be the first to let your cows graze outdoors. That won’t be difficult with Pasture 365®! Thanks to the early establishment of Pasture 365® in spring, grass will grow in your fields earlier than usual. In combination with the crop’s upright growth habit, the fields will be dry sooner and suitable to allow the cows to graze. This means that enough days of meadow access early in the season is easily achievable. Grazing the herd outdoors in the meadow during hot summer days, for example, is no longer necessary. You can also utilise the extended grazing season for extra days in the meadow.

Extend your grazing season


Barn-feeding is the new trend
Another option is to use the extended grass season of Pasture 365® to feed your cows in the barn. This allows you to join the new trend of utilising protein sourced from your own land better, and converting more farm-grown feed into milk production. This has very attractive financial benefits, as you can reduce the amount of concentrates you have to buy.

No silage losses or costs
The availability of more fresh grass automatically means you need less silage. The extended season provides you with tasty and palatable fresh grass from early spring to deep autumn. This prevents the declining feed values that occur during conservation and losses caused by heating and moulds in the silage. And you can save on the costs for hiring contractors.

Makes farming easier

  • Pasture 365® makes farming that little easier.
  • You can satisfy the conditions for outdoor grazing and meadow access more easily.
  • You can maximise the yields from your own land.
  • You can increase the longevity of your herd thanks to healthy, protein rich forage
  • And last but not least, Pasture365® helps you boost the image of the sector.

Success thanks to the best varieties
The key to the success of the new Pasture 365® grass mixture is the latest top performing variety on the Recommended List of Varieties: Barmazing. Barmazing makes up 60% of the mixture in Pasture 365®, together with two other mid-early varieties. This makes Pasture 365® unique and justifiably the best newcomer of 2021!

Sowing rate (seeding) 50 kg/ha
Sowing rate (overseeding) 15 - 35 kg/ha
Packaging 15 kg
Sowing period February - November
Dry matter yield with grazing 5
Dry matter yield with cutting 5
Spring yield 5
Crown rust tolerence 4
Drought tolerant 4
Hardy 3
Standability 4
Palatability 4
Feed value 5
Structure 2
Suitable for cold and wet soils 3