Boost the quality of your forage production now

Do you want to boost  the quality of your forage production? August is the perfect time to sow NutriFibre®! Sow Vital (with NutriFibre tehnology) now and reap the benefits of forage rich in protein and effective fibre for years to come.

Produce effective fibre and protein
Two key elements of feed rations given to dairy cattle are effective fibre and protein. “Dairy farmers who produce silage with an optimal effective fibre and protein content can making savings as they are less dependent on bought supplies of roughage and compound feed”, stresses Christiaan Heijink, international product manager forage. Vital with NutriFibre® technology is a grass seed mixture that combines plenty of effective fibre with a high protein content.

Combine NutriFibre with red and white clover
Combining Vital with red and white clover will increase protein production per hectare even more. This combination yields up to 18 000 kilograms of dry matter while retaining an optimal protein content. Clover also has an excellent nitrogen binding capacity: red clover can bind 40 kg of nitrogen per ton of dry crop during the period from June to October.

"Dairy farmers who produce silage with optimal protein and fibre content can make savings on feed costs, as they are less dependent on purchases of expensive concentrates"
Tom Niehof
Product Manager Forage

Sow before the end of August/early September
August to the beginning of September is an ideal time to sow Vital, as the root system of Vital develops best in warm, moist conditions. The little or no traffic experienced by the soil in autumn and winter also gives the grass six months to establish well after sowing. Sowing in this period will therefore result in deep rooting, so the plants can utilise the water and nutrients in the soil more effectively. This contributes to grass with high protein production.

Online NutriFibre crop management manual
Growing NutriFibre® somewhat differs from growing perennial ryegrass or other grasses. Barenbrug has compiled an online crop management manual so you can maximise the forage yield of your NutriFibre® crop. This manual to grow NutriFibre® contains tips on how to prepare the field for sowing, best sowing practice, fertilising, weed control and harvesting. The manual is easy to use from your smartphone so you always have instructions with you.

Where can you buy NutriFibre?
NutriFibre is available in our mixture Vital. Click on the button to find one of our distributors to buy Vital. Do you have any questions about NutriFibre®? Do not hesitate and send an e-mail to

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