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Water Saver

Most sustainable grass for sports fields
  • Extremely deep roots (down to 60 cm deep)
  • Highly drought-tolerant
  • Less irrigation required
  • Less fertilizers required
  • Contributes to soil stability
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Beat the drought!

Prolonged drought may seriously damage your lawn. Water Saver® prevents this problem. While other grass plants dry out, Water Saver® remains green. The Barenbrug Research varieties included in Water Saver® have excellent drought and heat tolerance.

Water Saver® contains Barenbrug’s tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and smooth stalked meadow grass. Barenbrug’s smooth stalked meadow grass varieties are known for their great resilience and ability to recover after dry periods. While other varieties are defeated by dry or hot conditions, a Water Saver® variety will soon become green again.

Unique tall fescue varieties! 
Barenbrug’s specific tall fescue varieties form a very deep root system, have a finer leaf texture and greater drought tolerance than traditional tall fescue varieties. The perennial ryegrass contained in Water Saver® moreover ensures rapid establishment and was also specifically selected for its drought tolerance. 

The balanced combination of the best Barenbrug tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and smooth stalked meadow grass varieties in Water Saver® ensures excellent drought and heat tolerance.

The following graph shows the quality of Water Saver® seeded in autumn in comparison with that of a traditional tall fescue mixture and a mixture containing perennial ryegrass. The irrigation level was 50% of the Evapotranspiration (ET). The measurements were taken over a period of two years.

Watersaver graph

Extremely deep rooting (down to 60 cm)

Thanks to its deep rooting, the Water Saver® grass obtains water from deeper soil layers. Standard grass plants root less deep and can only obtain water from the top layer (the upper 10 to 15 cm). Such plants will soon die under dry conditions, even before a stage of extreme drought is reached. The tall fescue contained in Water Saver® can root to depths of more than 60 cm and stores water and nutrients (sugars) in its roots, creating a buffer for dry periods, as it were. Smooth stalked meadow grass ensures horizontal growth, resulting in an extensive network of underground rhizomes and roots.

watersave graph deep rooting

Water & cost savings
Water Saver® can help you save up to 70% on your total amount of irrigation water. In Italy, where the average consumption is 120 litres of water per m2 per month, this soon leads to an overall reduction of 0.70 x 600 litres = 420 litres per m2 in the growing season, which ranges from May until October. That corresponds to 42 m3 water per 100 m2! In euros the savings may amount to € 73.50 per 100 m2, depending on the region.

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Quantity Species
80% Festuca arundinacea
10% Poa pratensis
10% Lolium perenne
Establishment speed normal
Nitrogen requirement low
Speed of Growth normal
Sowing rate 3 - 3.5 kg
Mowing height from 30 mm
Packaging 15 kg
Fast Establishment 5
Self-Repairing 3
High wear tolerance 2
High drought tolerance 5
Germination low temperatures 6°C 3
Requires less irrigation 5
Requires less fertilisers 4
Requires less pesticide 5