Lawn Clover

Create a self-sufficient lawn
  • Save on fertilizer costs
  • Drought tolerant
  • Pure or in combination with grass
  • Green throughout the year
  • Dense lawn

Save on fertilizer and water costs

Lawn Clover from Barenbrug contains small leafed white clovers which are drought tolerant. Lawn Clover captures nitrogen from the atmosphere, fixates it in the soil and makes it available for grass growth. This way you create a lawn which is self-sufficient and doesn’t need fertilizer anymore. Lawn Clover is fairly drought tolerant which will help you during the dry moments in summer.

The Lawn Clover product is enriched with a seed treatment. This ensures that your clover captures the maximum amount of nitrogen. The germinating seed thus gets off to a flying start.

Pure or in combination with grass

Lawn Clover can be used as monoculture or in combination with grasses. Lawns with pure Lawn Clover are bests for low to average traffic. When mixed with grass it’s extremely suitable for playing lawns. Lawn Clover combines well with all Barenbrug grass mixtures. Just don’t forget to use less fertilizer!

Green throughout the year

Lawn Clover grows all year. At times when grass is (starting to go) in winter rest, Lawn Clover ensures that the lawn still retains its beautiful green colour.

Dense lawn

Mow frequently and your lawn (mixed) with Lawn Clover will be dense which gives other weeds less chances of survival. The more frequent you mow, the finer the appearance will be. As a bonus your lawn will suffer less and recover faster from pet urine spots. Lawn Clover will help to increase biodiversity; it’s a sustainable choice!

Speed of establishment Average
Nitrogen requirement Very low
Speed of Growth Fast
Sowing rate per m2 pure 10g
Sowing rate mixed with grass 50g /1kg grass
Mowing height 20-30mm
Packaging 10kg
Sowing depth 5mm
Higher wear tolerance 3
Higher drought tolerance 4
Quicker establishment 3
Suitable for shade 3
Finer leafed 4
Less maintenance possible 5
Less fertilizer required 5
Higher disease tolerance 5
Self repairing 5
Germination at low temperature 2
Quicker germination 3
Higher winter hardiness 4
Early spring growth 2