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Resilient Blue® Muda

Overseeding solution for permanently green bermudagrass
  • Grass that keeps fighting back
  • Permanently green Bermudagrass all year round
  • Automatic seasonal transition without downtime
  • Excellent winter performance
  • Minimal irrigation required

Grass that keeps fighting back!

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Is the sight of brown, dormant bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) annoying you in winter? And you don't want to, or are unable, to make an annual transition to cool season grasses for winter greenness? Resilient Blue Muda is the answer! This unique award-winning grass technology helps you to create a permanent bermuda turf that is green all year round. Resilient Blue Muda can withstand the punches of extreme summer stress and fights back for winter greenness of your bermuda turf.

Read more about Resilient Blue grass technology on www.barenbrug.biz/resilient-blue


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Read more about Barenbrug Bluemuda® concept on www.barenbrug.biz/bluemuda

Permanently green bermudagrass all year round

To keep your bermudagrass green in winter, without an annual transition, you need cool season grasses that survive extreme summer conditions. Resilient Blue® Muda has been created for that purpose. Only one application is needed for subsequent years of permanently green turfgrass.


Automatic seasonal transition without downtime

Resilient Blue Muda is the only solution for a permanently green bermuda lawn, pitch and golf course. Resilience not only means enduring extreme summer weather conditions, but above all ensuring quick recovery after summer stress for a smooth automatic seasonal transition.

Excellent winter performance

Greenness is not the only thing you lose when your bermudagrass is dormant. You also suffer significant losses of wear tolerance and density. This creates the opportunity for various weeds to invade your pitch. Your turf will look poor and uncared for, and the playing quality will be influenced.

Minimal irrigation required

The availability of good quality water is increasingly limited, and irrigation is not always possible. Not to irrigate at all would be the ideal situation for a sustainable future. Resilient Blue Muda brings this future closer than you think.

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Download the Resilient Blue Muda mantenance manual on www.barenbrug.biz/resilient-blue-muda-maintenance-manual

Resilient Blue® - Grass that fights back


Quantity Species
100% Resilient Blue® (treated with Yellow Jacket Water Manager)
Establishment speed average
Nitrogen requirement low
Speed of Growth normal
Sowing rate 20 g/m2
Mowing height from 25 mm
Packaging 5 kg
Sowing depth 5-15 mm
Fast Establishment 2
Self-Repairing 4
High wear tolerance 5
High drought tolerance 5
Germination low temperatures 6°C 2
Requires less irrigation 5
Requires less fertilisers 5
Requires less pesticide 5