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Sowing instructions - SOS® Sport

Sports pitches are played on - day in, day out. It is no wonder that bare patches often appear on the sward during the colder months. Normal grass varieties cannot fill up these bare patches successfully because they don’t get enough light or warmth. SOS makes that problem a thing of the past. SOS germinates extremely fast at low temperatures - that’s why it is first aid for sports pitches.

Sowing instructions

Sowing instructions - prof
  1. Sow at a soil temperature as low as 4 degrees. 
  2. Sow the grass seed evenly with a seeder. The seeder should be clean and dry. 
  3. The ideal seeding depth is 5 - 10 mm. 
  4. Irrigate frequently to avoid drought. 
  5. Mow one-third of the grass length per cut. Minimum mowing height from 20 mm.