Sowing instructions - Happy Lawn®

Do you want to contribute to biodiversity with a vibrant lawn? Happy Lawn contains unique mowable flowers that enrich your local ecosystem. It adds the most color and liveliness to your garden.

Sowing instructions

Sowing instructions - semi prof
  1.  Open the box from the top by removing the tear strip.
  2.  Take out the bag with grass and flower seeds from the box.
    Tear open the bag. Pour the contents into the small compartment.
    Close the top of the box.
  3.  Open the spreading flap. Begin sowing.
  4.  Level surface, remove stones and weeds and fertilise.
  5.  Sow in two crossed directions.
  6.  Rake gently to bury the seeds and roll the surface to ensure good contact between soil and seeds.
  7.  Irrigate frequently to avoid drought.
  8.  Mow at grass length 6 - 8 cm, cut to 4 cm

Germination: 2 - 4 weeks. Mow frequently and fertilise and irrigate sufficiently.