Widely adapted timothy
  • Intermediate to late heading
  • Stable yield distribution
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • High feeding value
  • Suitable for hay, silage and grazing
  • Officially listed in: Finland, Iceland, Russia

Tenho is highly adaptable timothy showing very good yield and quality performance through Northern America, Scandinavia and Russia. Tenho is intermediate to late in heading and has stable yield distribution through the growing season. In Canadian registration trials it has outyielded the standard variety Climax with 10 % both in first cut and regrowth.  Tenho is best suited for hay and silage, but it has fairly rapid start of growth after cutting and performs also at grazing conditions. The persistency of Tenho is exceptionally high in conditions of cold winters due to excellent winter hardiness. Energy value and protein content of Tenho is high.

Heading Intermediate to late heading