Lolium Perenne


More milk from grass
  • Tetraploid
  • Intermediate heading perennial ryegrass
  • Highest digestibility in its class.
  • Excellent total yield.
  • The perfect tetraploid for grazing.
  • Officially listed in: Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark.
Lolium Perenne

Highest digestibility in its class
Dunluce is the best digestible intermediate tetraploidon the Irish recommended list. Since 2007, it has set the standard for quality and maximal output from grass. As digestibility is one of the major limiting factors for milk production, Dunluce is essential to include in your sward see (table 1).

Excellent total yield
The yield figures of this Barenbrug/AFBI-variety areoutstanding. Dunluce is one of the top tetraploid varieties for total yield in Ireland. A special featureis its high autumn growth, which allows you to graze your cows more days on grass (see table).

The perfect tetraploid for grazing
Dunluce has proven its benefits under grazing. Even under frequent defoliation, a dense sward is guaranteed (as can be seen from the picture). This makes Dunluce perfect suitable for grazing and ensures persistency and a long productive sward.


Ploidy Tetraploid