The mountain master
  • Early-intermediate heading
  • Performs well at higher altitudes
  • Above average forage digestibility
  • Excellent in yield, persistency and diseases resistance
  • Good ability to grow as companion in swards
  • Officially listed in: Slovak Rep., Switzerland

Dascada was developed by Barenbrug’s breeders in Central- and Eastern Europe. It performed especially well at higher altitudes, where tolerance to frost and summer drought is important. This variety grows very fast after long and cold winters and is able to persist long periods under difficult circumstances.

Dascada was adapted to both the Slovak- and Swiss Recommeded List as a variety with all-round high scores in the early-intermediate segment. Like all cocksfoot varieties in the Barenbrug-portfolio, this variety is very leafy and produces few stems. This ensures feed palatability and quality – therefor giving the optimal combination between reliable forage yield and animal productivity. 

Heading Early-intermediate heading