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Stands tall against the competition
  • Tetraploid Westerwold Ryegrass
  • Guaranteed quick establishment
  • Constant high production of quality forage
  • Easy to manage: high resistance to lodging and diseases
  • High sod density
  • Low weed levels
  • Officially listed in: France
  • Excellent results in Mediterranean areas
westerwold ryegrass

If you are looking for annual pasture that quickly produces plenty of tasty forage, Westerwold ryegrass is the right choice for you. Bartimum is a tetraploid Westerwold ryegrass from the Barenbrug breeding program in southern France. It excels in consistently high production, sod density and disease resistance.

Constant high production
Westerwold ryegrass is characterised by its very quick establishment and high productivity in a short time frame. These properties are enhanced in Bartimum. Research by Barenbrug UK in Cropvale compared 18 different varieties of Westerwold ryegrass. Bartimum distinguished itself with a constant, above-average yield.

graph forage bartimum

Source: Cropvale - UK 2016
Average yield: 7.4 tons of fresh product per cut. 

Assurance of sufficient forage during dry summers
Bartimum is an early Westerwold ryegrass. This means that it develops earlier than its peers. This is also reflected in the studies in France and the UK where the first cut proves exceptionally high. In the changing climate with its increase in dry summers, Bartimum ensures a large amount of forage with the first two cuts.

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Healthier silage
Another striking feature of the research in Cropvale is Bartimum's high sod density. This yields healthier forage. Weeds have no chance with its dense sods. As a result, the forage contains fewer weeds and less sand. Finally, the sod density prevents moisture evaporation from the soil. As a result, Bartimum is more resistant to drought.

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Excellent disease resistance
Bartimum is the result of many years of breeding in Barenbrug France, whereby, in addition to high production and sod density, we selected for excellent resistance to lodging and the most common grass disease.

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