Lolium Perenne


Diploïd with outstanding health
  • Diploid
  • Intermediate heading perennial ryegrass.
  • Number 1 in health
  • Early variety with a heavy first cut
  • Officially listed in: The Netherlands
Lolium Perenne

Barriot is the most healthful diploid mid early variety. This variety is new since 2021 and is a result of more attention to health in the breeding procedure. More health gives the farmer the chance to harvest a good yielding crop trough all seasons.

Number 1 in health
The variety Barriot is outstanding when it comes to health. It has an excellent crown rust resistance which leads to a long healthy crop even with some mineral deficiencies in the soil. This leads to more tasteful grass when it’s used for grazing and a better quality of silage or hay.

Early variety with a heavy first cut
Drought is known all over Europe these last years. Farmers need to produce as much feed as they can early in the season before summer drought. As an early variety, Barriot offers a massive first cut and gives a stable production for cutting and for grazing.

Heading: Intermediate



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