Italian ryegrass


High dry matter yields and protein content!
  • Tetraploid
  • High yielding variety
  • Excellent performance in one season cutting systems
  • Optimal fibre content for ruminants and high digestibility
  • Officially listed in: Norway
Italian ryegrass

Barpluto is a new released tetraploid variety of Italian ryegrass from Barenbrug which entered the Norwegian official list of varieties in 2006. It provides high forage yields with excellent nutrient value.

Barpluto is also very adapted to the Scandinavian climate and agricultural system because of the following characteristics:

Excellent annual dry matter yields

  • Good performance in all parts of Norway
  • Good dry matter production in all cuts
  • High protein content
  • High digestibility and VEM / kg dry matter


Very fast germination in spring

  • Quick soil coverage in spring  (also in North Norway)
  • Less weed contamination
  • Excellent spring growth


Intermediate heading

  • Extended green mass production
  • Low ratio of stems to dry matter yield (6% in Southern Norway; 15% in Northern Norway)
  • Good frost resistance in spring
  • Due to dense growth less weed problems in the spring

Barpluto can be used for grazing after the third cut if farmers want to graze their cattle on palatable green grass.

Ploidy Tetraploid