Record-breaking cocksfoot
  • Late heading
  • Strong productivity from the 1st cut (+11.6%) until summer-autumn (+5.5%)
  • Very good establishment speed for a perennial
  • Good operational flexibility and good lifespan
  • Good disease tolerance, high in sugar
  • Good quality forage that animals like

The grass for shallow, dry soils
When soils have low water reserves and the summer temperatures are high, orchardgrass is a useful species with good dietary value.

The work done by Barenburg’s selectors has helped to significantly improve the crop’s rapidity of installation, among other things. Archibaldi is the fruit of this work.

Quick establishment and strong productivity
Archibaldi establishes itself very quickly and has exceptional productivity throughout the year.

+11% from the first cut in spring in comparison to controls!



First cut

A2 + A3


A2 + A3


A2 + A3


A1 + A2 + A3

Archibaldi 3.9 17.0 8.3 30.2
Ludovic T 3.6 16.8 8.0 29.7
Cristobal T 3.3 16.2 7.8 28.7
Beluga TT 3.4 16.6 7.7 28.6

Source: CTPS trials - DM/ha yield in T

It will also produce remarkable summer-autumn regrowth to satisfy pasture-fed animals.

Operational flexibility for the long term
Archibaldi gives 7 more days of leaf production before the ear appears thanks to 45 days of operational flexibility.

  Operational flexibility Lifespan
Archibaldi 45 days 8.9
Ludovic T 35 days 8.2
Cristobal T 44 days 8.7
Beluga TT 37 days 8.6

Source: CTPS trials

Archibaldi also represents quality with a sugar level that improves dietary balance and facilitates preservation in a silo. 


  Sugar content
Archibaldi 8.7
Ludovic T 6.7
Cristobal T 6.7

Source: CTPS trials

Heading Late heading