Italian ryegrass


Number 1 diploïd lolium multiflorum variety
  • Diploid
  • Outstanding yield
  • Excellent health profile
Italian ryegrass

Number 1 diploïd lolium multiflorum variety
Aeros is the number 1 diploïd variety which is listed in France, Belgium and Luxemburg. This variety is the newest variety breeded by the Barenbrug breeding station in Mas Grenier. Its listed since 2019 on the important Ilvo variety list in Belgium.

Outstanding yield
Italian ryegrass is used by farmers to produce a lot of grass in a fast and short time. That’s exactly what this variety is good at. The yield with autumn sowing in the first cut has an index of 105 and average in the diploid group is 97. This shows the fast establishment and development of Aeros. All the production indexes from Aeros show wonderful results.

Excellent health profile 
It is nice to have a lot of grass but it must be healthy and stable to make the most out of it. Aeros shows the highest rust resistance from all the diploid varieties on the Ilvo variety list. With Aeros, its easy to produce a lot of healthy silage!

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Ploidy Diploid