Project SoilPros

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When we think of nature, we immediately envision visible plants and animals. Yet, the nature beneath our feet is equally important. Did you know that a handful of soil contains about five thousand types of soil life and ten billion individual organisms? This rich soil life is the driving force behind many crucial processes in agriculture. The question is: how can we best utilize and improve soil life in agriculture?


Project SoilProS

In collaboration with the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) among others, we are working on the SoilProS project. Within this project, we investigate how agricultural lands can be used multifunctionally. The goal is to discover which crops, breeds, organisms, and substrates play a role in this process. With the help of artificial intelligence, difficult-to-find patterns are identified. This makes soil life predictable and can make food production more sustainable. Long live the soil!

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Curious about this collaboration?

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