White clover


The ideal grazing type
  • Medium leaved white clover.
  • Exceptional grazing yield.
  • High spring growth.
  • Persistent in areas with mild winters.
  • Officially listed in: Ireland, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand.
White clover _ Teaser

Crusader is a medium leaved variety, especially selected for its high yields and improved grazing performance in relation to its leaf size. The leaf size of Crusader is the borderline between the medium and the small leaved groups.

Exceptional grazing yield
Crusader has exceptional annual dry matter yields and ground cover under defoliation management. The first cut dry matter yields are very impressive and outclassing all other varieties in its category. Crusader has an extremely long growing season and exceptional early and late season growth. This makes it ideal for all intensive grazing swards.

High spring growth
In general, the start of the spring growth of white clover is very slow. In grass clover swards the clover content therefore is usually unsatisfactory due to the lack of competition with grasses.  Crusader however, has a very high spring growth and therefore the variety is capable to give exceptional yields in the first spring cut.

Persistent in areas with mild winters
Crusader has increased stolon density, giving it excellent persistency under cutting or rotational grazing management and a high level of persistency under cutting management. Crusader performs best in areas with mild winters.