Red clover


Red clover for continental climate
  • Tetraploid
  • Red clover for continental climate
  • Outstanding yield
  • Persisitence
red clover

Red clover for continental climate
Gregale is a new clover variety which comes from Czech Republic. The variety is listed in Switzerland on the recommended list as a ‘’tetraploider mattenklee’’. That means that the clover has from itself a high persistence.

Outstanding yield
Gregale is since 2019 on the Swiss recommended list. It shows some great results! It has from all the clover varieties on the Swiss list the highest yield. The highest yield combined with the fastest youth development makes this clover an absolute fantastic variety.

There are several types of clover. Diploïd and tetraploid, mattenklee and ackerklee. ‘’Tetraploider mattenklee’’ shows the highest persistence from all the clover varieties. But Gregale is even more persistence than the average ‘’tetraploider mattenklee’’.