Red clover


The continental conqueror
  • Diploid.
  • The continental conqueror.
  • Good resistance to lodging.
  • High disease resistance.
  • Adapted to Continental and Nordic climates.
  • Officially listed in the Czech Republic.
red clover

Agil is developed in the Czech Republic and therefore an excellent choice for grassland mixtures in Continental and more Nordic climates. It is a diploid, medium-early variety, registered in 2009. Spring growth rate and of regrowth rate after mowing are desirable, just as resistance to lodging. The variety has very good health traits. According to the Czech ÚKZÚZ institute for official testing, Agil is resistant to for instance clover rot. It shows very good persistence in in the third year of vegetation, which is a key trait for red clovers. Yield traits are illustrated in the graph below. Agil perfomed above average (=100) in the official trials.