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Optimized composition to counteract nematodes
  • Counteract nematodes
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Soil improvement
  • No chance for weeds
  • Increase in organic matter
Packshot General

Effectively combat nematodes in the soil with the cover crop NemaProtect. Thanks to the carefully crafted composition of NemaProject, nematodes are prevented from proliferating, and simultaneously, the crop does not serve as a host for a wide range of harmful nematodes. Additionally, NemaProtect rapidly improves soil fertility.

Unique Composition
NemaProtect is a blend of three crops: yellow mustard, fodder radish, and phacelia. With its effective nematode control and excellent soil improvement properties, NemaProtect is an ideal intercrop for grains or a good pre-crop for corn, sugar beets, or potatoes. The crop retains many minerals such as nitrogen, sulphur, and phosphorus and transfers them to the main crop. NemaProtect is suitable for intercropping for 3 to 6 months.

Nematode Control
NemaProtect allows you to actively combat a wide range of common unwanted nematodes in the soil. The varieties in the mixture are selected for their properties to reduce nematodes in the soil. The yellow mustard variety Bardavos in NemaProtect is classified as level 1 against H. Schachtii (sugar beet cyst nematode). The fodder radish Cobra actively combats various harmful nematodes and is not a host plant for other harmful nematodes.

No Chance for Weeds
The rapid germination and vigorous growth of NemaProtect ensure quick ground cover and abundant biomass. This makes it difficult for weeds to establish themselves. The rapid initial development also guarantees good emergence, making NemaProtect an easy crop to grow.

More Organic Mater in the Soil
The high biomass production also leads to an increase in organic matter after incorporating the crop. More organic matter in the soil ensures improved moisture retention and more nutrients, which are essential for the proper development and growth of the main crop. Destroy the cover crop at least 60 days before sowing the following crop for optimal mineral utilisation.

Works Deep Layers of the Soil
The thick taproots of the fodder radish penetrate deep into the soil, breaking up compacted layers. They contribute to a good soil structure, resulting in improved water infiltration and permeability. A loose structure is crucial for the successful growth of the main crop.


Quantity Species
64% White mustard
24% Fodder Radish
12% Phacelia
Sowing rate 8-10 kg/ha
Sowing period Aug - Sep
Sowing depth 1-2 cm
Destruction Mech. methods
Frost sensitivity no sensitivity