berseem clover


Healthy soil: the foundation for every successful cultivation
  • Healthy soil
  • Extremely rapid soil cover
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Increase in organic matter
Packshot General

Healthy soil is the foundation for every arable farmer. The fast-growing cover crop ProHumus rapidly produces a large amount of biomass. This allows you to build up humus in a short period, resulting in improved soil fertility. ProHumus is a combination of yellow mustard and phacelia.

Perfect for Crop Rotation
Are you cultivating grains, legumes, corn, sugar beets, or summer barley? Then ProHumus fits perfectly into your crop rotation plan. The fast-growing cover crop produces 3.5 tons of dry matter per hectare in a short period. Therefore, ProHumus is an excellent catch crop or pre-crop for a wide range of arable crops.

Nutrient Recycling
ProHumus retains important nutrients such as nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, sulphur, and magnesium, preventing them from being lost or washed away into groundwater. For example, the crop captures 80 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare in three months and recycles 20 kilograms for the following crop.

Rapid Ground Cover
ProHumus germinates vigorously, quickly covering the soil. This prevents erosion and leaves little opportunity for weeds to develop. In addition to rapid germination, the crop produces a large amount of biomass in a very short time. If you sow the cover crop early, the abundant flowers of both types are very attractive to bees.

More Organic Matter in the Soil
The high biomass production also leads to an increase in organic matter after incorporating the crop. More organic matter in the soil means improved moisture retention and more nutrients, essential for the proper development and growth of the main crop. Destroy the cover crop at least 60 days before sowing the following crop for optimal mineral utilisation.


Quantity Variety Species
60% Phacelia
40% Bardavos White mustard
Sowing rate 8-10 kg/ha
Sowing period Aug - Sep
Sowing depth 1-2 cm
Destruction Mech. methods
Frost sensitivity min. -7 Celcius