Proterra Maize

Catch crop choice – learn from dry summers!

Undersowing a catch crop - at the end of the active growth phase - is the most chosen solution. But this is not the most successful option. Either sowing simultaneously with the maize or post-harvest has the greatest chance of success.

Practical experiences with Proterra Maize in the a dry summer were very positive. Advantages of simultaneous sowing with Proterra Maize are:

  • Sufficient moisture and light for good initial development.
  • Weed control possible, because of its resistance to plant protection products.
  • A single field operation prevents damage to fragile maize plants.


Highest organic matter production with Proterra Maize

Research at the test location at Vredepeel (part of Wageningen University & Research) shows that Proterra Maize produces the most above and below ground biomass of all green manures. Proterra Maize is therefore an ideal mixture for improving soil fertility. The catch crop has been specially developed to sow simultaneously with silage maize.

Highest organic matter production with Proterra Maize


Investigate biomass determination in catch crops

Watch the film about the research on biomass determination in catch crops.


Intermezzo (undersowing) and Soil cover (post-harvest sowing)

Barenbrug offers Intermezzo for farmers who still want to sow a catch crop when the corn crop reaches the end of the active growth phase. Intermezzo comprises several varieties with Italian ryegrasses, which are mainly selected for the formation of underground mass. For post-harvest sowing, Barenbrug offers Soilcover, a mixture with Italian and Westerwolds ryegrass, which has high germination energy and develops very quickly at low temperatures.


More information about catch crops

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