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Award winning grass technology now available for landscapers!

After last year’s successful launch in the golf, sport and sod market, award winning Resilient Blue grass technology was sold out in record time. Resilient Blue grass technology is available again, now for all green professionals!

Just for landscapers: Resilient Blue® Lawn, grass that fights back

Resilient Blue® Lawn grass seed mixture is the perfect solution for landscapers who demand a strong, fine-leaved lawn that can withstand extreme weather conditions and rapidly fights back afterwards. So there is no need to worry, even during extreme conditions. Every plant takes severe punches under extreme conditions. But they are not all able to survive, let alone recover.
Grass seed mixtures with Resilient Blue grass technology suffer far less under extreme conditions such as drought and heat. Resilient Blue® Lawn also ensures the fastest recovery after stressful situations. That's what we mean by resilience!



Resilient Blue® wins Sports Accommodation Innovation Prize!

Winner innovation prize - Resilient Blue Grass Technology

After years of research under various conditions, Barenbrug launched its Resilient Blue grass technology during the first ‘Barenbrug Online Event’ in February 2021. Just three months later, its amazing potential was recognised and awarded the Dutch Sports Accommodation Innovation Prize 2021, the most wanted technology for sport pitches.

The prize, which is presented annually, is a joint initiative of the Dutch Sport and Culture Technology Trade Association (BSNC), the Dutch Sport and Municipalities Association (Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten), the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation, and the Sport Accommodation Trade Fair (Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties).

Resilient Blue: an investment in a sustainable long-term solution!

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Want to know more about Resilient Blue?

Prolonged drought and heat, high disease pressure and long-term low nutritional levels are all factors that can be fatal for your turf and cause you headaches! Do you want to avoid this? Then you can with Resilient Blue!

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Resilience does not only mean enduring extreme weather conditions, but, above all, ensuring quick recovery after these conditions too.

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Good wear tolerance is a prerequisite for a resilient sports field. Resilient Blueuses our strong as iron RPR® technology, which ensures good high wear tolerance.

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Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and a high level of disease pressure. Resilient Blue 's resilience ensures that your turf is less susceptible to attack by fungi and your turf not only remains greener; it is also healthier.

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