Countryside Flowers

Annual flowers for the countryside and wildlife
  • Annual flower mixture
  • For agricultural field margins
  • Increases biodiversity
  • Attracts various insects, especially bees and butterflies, and stimulates wildlife
  • Naturally increases pest resistance
  • For all soil types
  • NAK certified

Flowers in the countryside stimulate biodiversity and naturally increase pest resistance.  

The flowers will attract various insects, especially bees and butterflies, including natural predators.These insects will in turn attract birds.  

Under the right conditions, the first flowers will appear 6-8 weeks after sowing and will flower insuccession throughout the season. 

Useful for all soil types.  

Active flower species will differ per location and year. 


See PDF Flower mixtures overview

*composition may differ based on availability.  
This mixture contains 14 species. 

 Mowing regime:

After the growing season until March. 

Sowing window:

Spring (March - June) 

Sowing method:

Sowing depth 1 - 2 cm. Agricultural field margins may contain weeds.  We recommended making a false seedbed before sowing the flowers. This method prepares the seedbed a few weeks before sowing the flowers, so the weeds can germinate. These weeds can then be removed before sowing the flower seeds. 

Soil type:

All soils. Development of flower species will differ per location, year and soil type. 

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Approx. height 40 – 150 cm
Durability Annual
Seeding rate 2.5 g/m2
Packaging 5 kg bag