Italian ryegrass


Production + palatability
  • Tetraploid
  • Late heading
  • Top yielding variety in Germany
  • Suited for intensive forage production
  • Superb disease resistance = production + palatability
  • Officially listed in: Germany
Italian ryegrass

Top yielding variety in Germany
Bartrento is a late heading (HD 20/5) tetraploid Italian ryegrass variety released by Barenbrug in 2014. It has been adopted to the German national list with excellent notes. Tested against current recommended varieties on many locations, Bartrento proved to outclass the standards in yield and performance (see table below). Though a few percentages seems a small difference, +1% yield in Italian ryegrass easily counts for 150 kg dry matter per hectare. In situations with high land- and forage prices, this means huge benefits for the farmer.

Suited for intensive forage production
Bartrento has been selected from the Barenbrug breeding program under intensive grassland management. Using a high fertilization rate (>300 kg N/ha) and very frequent cutting (6-7 times/year), this variety showed an excellent performance. This means Bartrento is perfectly suited for farms who want to have a lot of forage from relative small area.

Superb disease resistance = production + palatability
The importance of disease resistance in grasses isn’t commonly well understood. When a crop gets infected by a disease, its leaf area turns from dark green into pale yellow and spotted. This will impact growth and thus, total yield. Besides that, fungi will infect the plants and multiply, even into the silage. This can cause bad fermentation and mould growth which results into lower palatability and feed value. Bartrento shows excellent notes for resistance against many diseases, so giving production + palatability!

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Ploidy Tetraploid
Heading Late