Lolium Perenne


Drives your pasture through the winter
  • Tetraploid
  • Intermediate/ late tetraploid perennial ryegrass
  • For high quality silage.
  • Stable growth curve.
  • Drought tolerant ryegrass.
  • Excellent winterhardy tetraploid.
  • Especially suited for Eastern Europe.
  • Officially listed in: Romania, Czech Republic.
Lolium Perenne

For high quality silage
Barkamaz is a new variety from Barenbrug breeding program in Romania. This variety is intermediate/late heading and will give higher silage quality and summer production to the pasture. Being selected on feed value and digestibility, Barkamaz has proved to give higher quality silage. This will give an impulse to animal production.

Stable growth curve
Being intermediate to late heading implies better growth throughout the season. Therefor Barkamaz can be perfectly combined with an early heading type in continental climates, to spread out growth and ensure yield.  

Drought tolerant ryegrass
Barenbrug Research in Romania has several trial locations where there is severe summer drought. Periods of two till three months without rain are very common. This makes such locations excellent for selecting the best grass varieties for drought tolerance. Among the ryegrasses, Barkamaz proved to be outperforming the common types. Though it is not cocksfoot or tall fescue, this variety shows to be adapted to the real continental climate.

Excellent winterhardy tetraploid
From the past, tetraploid ryegrass wasn’t too good surviving severe winters compared to diploid types. However, intensive breeding and selection has changed this situation. The new generation of tetraploids are showing better winterhardiness than before. For this reason Barenbrug recommends to use new tetraploid varieties, like Barkamaz, into grass seed mixtures for areas with cold winters.  

Ploidy Tetraploid