Lolium Perenne


The ever green cover
  • Diploid
  • Late heading perennial ryegrass
  • Unique combination of yield and sward density.
  • High forage quality.
  • Has a wide adaptation to different climates.
  • Perfect choice in mixtures for a long term production period.
  • Officially listed in: Germany.
Lolium Perenne

Barflip is a new very late diploid variety from Barenbrug. This variety has been adopted on the German ‘BSA-Sortenliste’ since 2011 with excellent notes for sward density, yield and persistency. Barflip is the best variety in Germany for sward density, making it the ideal choice for long term grassland. (see table 1)

Unique combination of yield and sward density
A high yielding variety in combination with a perfect sward density is exactly what is demanded for in modern grasslands. Barflip forms plants which are tillering very fast, but also produce a lot of green leaf mass. In practice this means there are hardly any weed infections and no open places in the pasture. This ensures a long term and stable forage production of high quality. Compared to some other varieties, which have to be overseeded in an earlier stage, Barflip will eventually save money for the farmer.

High forage quality
Barflip is one of the latest heading varieties on the market. This means there is less stem formation in the 1st cut, leading to a higher digestibility. Therefor this Barenbrug product is a perfect tool to produce more milk from forage. On top of that, Barflip’s high crown rust resistance ensures a healthy and palatable crop.


  Table 1: Barflip characteristics

Ploidy Diploid